Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Having the right insurance can make your business look more professional and offer you peace of mind.

This insurance will cover you if any individual is accidentally exposed to injury by you or your business operation. Furthermore, it covers you if you damage third party property while on business. Covers protection for legal fees and expenses arising from claims by a third party.

Public Liability:
 You don’t want to get into a spat with one of your best clients over the consequences of an accident or damage to one of their properties. Getting a public liability policy means you can let your insurer deal with any problems, while you get on with running your business.

Product Liability:
Any business that has been involved in placing a product into commercial stream could be liable for a defect and exposed to the risk of paying damages. In the event of a loss, the consumer may be awarded compensatory and punitive damages, medical expenses, and often attorney fees. Having the products liability policy in place can protect from the main issues such as Manufacturing/production flaw, Design defects and Defective warnings or instructions. 

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