Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Providing our customers value for money and quality of service is Pinnacle’s primary concern. In order to
provide this high level of service we have employed an exceptional team of professionals qualified and
experienced in their specific fields to provide the best of services at all times.

Scope of Professionalism. 

As Dubai’s leading professional insurance brokerage, it is expected of us to provide every kind of
coverage matrix possible. Our Professional team of experts assists clients by

  • Analysing and reviewing their existing policy.
  • Provide an understanding of potential risks and insurance shortfalls of your plan design
  • Assist in providing the most suitable plan, keeping in mind the budget and maximum benefit
  • Monitor the performance of your policy and suggest improvements.
  • Offer regular trainings on the usage of the insurance plan
  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced customer service representative to handle any issues or disputes with your insurance company.

Our goal is to assist you in gaining the maximum value of your insurance plan and premium paid.

Continuous Innovation

At Pinnacle, we take immense pride in our constant efforts at development, innovation, and self-appraisal as a way of ensuring our continuous growth.

Let us ASSIST you in providing the most SUITABLE solutions.

Embedded with our CORE VALUES of integrity transparency, honesty and ethics.